Taiwanese Windows 8 launch hits snag, ‘hardware’ shoulders criticism

The Wall Street Journal is reporting a difference of opinion between Microsoft and Acer regarding some glitches reported during a Windows 8 demo in Tapei on 27 October.

The glitches referred to involved certain apps not closing correctly when displayed on Acer’s All-In-One PC range. Microsoft employees who struggled with the functionality of apps, redirected launch attendees to tablet device demos instead.

Needless to say, both parties were less than pleased to see their products malfunctioning. Microsoft’s Senior Consumer Marketing Manager, Yi-Fang Chu put the problem down to a “hardware issue, rather than a software one, it’s partly because of the large screen size of the all-in-ones”.

Acer Chairman, J.T Wang, had voiced his opinion over the uncertainty of demand for Windows 8. The Financial Times Europe cited the “radical-ness” of this latest OS to be too far a departure from previous versions, as the reason for Acer’s concern. Jim Wong, Acer’s Corporate President believes consumers will forego the festive season rush, opting to see whether or not this new “touch-centric platform” is the real deal.

Having now come under criticism before hitting the public domain, this OS definitely looks to have this computer manufacturer sitting on the fence.



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