ASUS release first Windows 8 gaming laptop and the name’s a mouthful

According to Asia One, ASUS is set to unveil its latest Windows 8 enabled gaming laptop, the G55VW-S1216H. Yes, quite the mouthful. This laptop is the first of its kind to feature the new Windows 8 OS. ASUS is looking to challenge the notion that Windows 8’s touch-centric functionality is not fully optimised for a high paced gaming experience.

This latest offering from ASUS is essentially a revamp of its Windows 7 version. That does not make it an inferior product however, ASUS has crammed plenty of tech into the G55VW-S1216H. It features an Intel Core i7 processor backed by an NVIDIA GTX 660M graphics card. All viewed on a 15.6-inch 3D enabled full HD display. As far as inputs go, the G55VW-S1216H is fitted with 4 USB 3.0 ports as well as VGA, HDMI and a Intel Thunderbolt port which boasts far superior transfer speeds according to ASUS.

The ASUS G55VW-S1216H has everything a hardcore gamer needs… the real question is whether or not the touch-centric interface of Windows 8 enhances the gaming experience. As we all know customisation is key for any PC gamer, and it will be up to Microsoft to ensure that Windows 8 meets those requirements.



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