Wii U update giving you problems? Here’s two workarounds to ease the pain

The release of Nintendo’s Wii U has been somewhat bitter-sweet. Nintendo can definitely take solace in the fact its newest console sold out after one day in the US, but new Wii U owners were less than impressed by the one-hour-plus wait for the downloadable update.

The update is essential, as it gives users access to all the internet-enabled features that make the Wii U extra appealing.

In order to combat this frustration, this site has made users privy to a helpful bit of news. The download still needs to happen, there’s no getting around it, but users can move the download to the background while they enjoy a couple of the new Wii titles.

Download Issue

When the Wii U is turned on, users will be prompted to download the upgrade when setting up their wireless connections. All the user needs to do is to select “cancel”. Once done, the download should run automatically in the background, provided there is a steady internet connection.

A couple of hours later, the download should have completed and the user will then have to wait 10 to 15 minutes for the download to install, far shorter than the rumoured four hours.

Play Games from SD Card

Another myth that needs to be dispelled is that the Wii U doesn’t allow users to run games of an SD card. There is a workaround of course. The only thing a user needs is an old school SD card reader. Once the user places their SD card in a USB-enabled card reader and plugs into the USB port, the Wii U will treat it as an ordinary USB input. This will allow users to quickly and easily transfer gaming data from the USB to the console and vice versa.



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