Automatica: The WiFi music dongle for your car



A European internet company, Inrete, has introduced a WiFi USB dongle that can plug into your car’s port to play music stored on it. The device can connect to various cloud storage services such as Dropbox (or your personal stash of music) and download about 24 hours of music to its internal memory.

The device has WiFi that allows it to piggyback on your smartphone’s internet connection or from WiFi sources in its surrounds. This enables it to connect to the cloud services on the go while you drive to download whatever new content is available. This walk around music transport device is available for US$99 and allows a two-year subscription to the service.

Let’s get real for a moment here… This must be the most useless device of this year. And on top of that it will cost you money as well! Smartphones and smart devices already do this for you, and you can plug it in your car stereo as well, for free! This is one of the main things a smartphone was designed for and 99% of these devices deliver in this area. Why would you want another middleman device to play your music? Pointless… The cloud storage player adds some use, but only just.




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