Leaked ‘iPhone 5S’ images show possible internal redesign

The iPhone 5 was first announced September 2012, since then the flagship device from the Cupertino manufacturer has become a polarising smartphone among consumers. Just a couple of months later, leaked images from French site, Nowhere Else, seem to suggest a new iteration may be in the works.

This may be great news for potential users as the 4S still holds more sway than the latest iPhone 5. For those who’ve been frustrated by the build quality of the 5, the “5S” may be a welcome addition.

The image shown detail the back cover of the iPhone 5 and what is referred to as the “iPhone 5S”, the difference doesn’t seem glaringly obvious, but on closer inspection, one can see the positioned screws. This could mean a redesign for the internals of the device.

Perhaps changes would include a revamped camera, seeing as how the current “purple flare” issue has left users less than satisfied. Another concerned cited at launch, was the “lightness” of the iPhone 5, which made the device less weighty and therefore less tactile.

If we follow the release timeline of iPhone devices, we could see a new iteration being unveiled in mid to late 2013. We just hope Apple takes its time and hits a home run as it did with the 4S.

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