RIM release BB10 SDK ‘Gold’ toolkit, devs start your engines

With the BlackBerry 10 event less than two months away, it appears the Canadian manufacturer is moving full steam ahead with the release of its “Gold” build SDK toolkit for developers. The Gold build includes all the final tools, components and API’s that now allows develops to create applications designed to work hand-in-hand with the BlackBerry 10 OS.

The Gold build is touted to feature BlackBerry Cascades to aid developers in creating visually stunning applications according to RIM. HTML developers are also given something with BlackBerry WebWorks, said to deliver native like performance. The SDK is also packs Adobe AIR functionality as well as the ability for developers to port apps to the BB10 platform.

This development is part of RIM’s greater manifesto, aimed at reinvigorating the once-powerful market leader. In an effort to create an OS that’s both user and developer friendly, BlackBerry has decided to take its time with BB10. Choosing to forego a premature release, opting to make as many final enhancements and refinements as it can so that when it’s unveiled to the public, it’s virtually flawless. We’re intrigued to find out what BB10 has in store.



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