The gadget of the year: Satis Advanced toilet

satis toilet

satis toilet

There are a lot of nations described as crazy. It depends what the situation is, but for the most part the Japanese are considered “crazy” almost all of the time. From the land of zero defect, kamakazis, exceptionally weird game shows and Takeshi’s Castle, comes the Satis advanced toilet, the best invention of the year. Well in my book at least…

Controllable from your smartphone, the Satis will make life easier, and healthier for you by lifting the toilet seat before you arrive, track your bowel movements and even set targets for you to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Because as we all know bowel movements are essential to good health. No, really…

After you are done with your number one or two, the toilet will record the deposited information in a diary for the user to keep track of their performance. But the toilet does not end there. Being from Japan, it was always going to include more than just the average Western conveniences. Equipped with Bluetooth, you will have full control of your toilet and be able to flush remotely, lift or put down the toilet seat (a special feature for irritated housewives), spray freshener, play music while you discharge the number of your choice and afterwards clean your tush with not just one, but two different nozzles. It will also record each use to keep track of your water and electricity bills.

A built-in soft-light for those special memorable moments to create ambiance? Check. Obviously you will be able to choose your own music and decide whether you want to discharge to Beethoven or Britney Spears. And to top it off, the firm has three models to choose from.

Device of the year? Definitely! You show us any other gadget that incorporates all of those unrelated features in one device, and provides you with peace and calm, humour and a healthier lifestyle all in one.



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