‘Woven’ is the Kinect-like t-shirt that will get you off your ass and moving

The crazy Dutch. From the land of Tulips and tall fair skinned stoners comes the latest invention. The television remote you can wear. Well it’s actually more than that. Woven was developed by two Dutch students as a wearable gaming and social interactive garment. It’s like a Kinect that you wear.

Patrick Kersten and Christiaan Ribbens, from the Utrecht School of the Arts, has created a wearable undergarment with motion sensors, shake motors, three-color LED screen, speakers and a Bluetooth module that turns you, the wearer, into a gaming platform. And they still managed to keep it washable. Running together with a smartphone app, the gear will give you the ability to control your TV, map your exercise routine, play games on a console in a “Kinect” kind of way and make you look silly while you air-punch imaginary enemies openly in the street…

But seriously this is quite a product. The possibilities are endless and reminds us of the time when beepers were all the rage, but infinitly better. Soon you will be able to live your life in multicolour techno garb ala Tron. The video is rather cool as well, funnily put together to show what the possibilities are. But from all of the features that this garment can introduce you to, the most important one, we think, will be its ability to get couch potatoes of their asses. No more remote control button pressing gurus, now you have to get and get moving similar to the Wii.



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