5 mobile apps perfect for the new Pope

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Memeburn’s Stuart Thomas covered some pretty hilarious tweets regarding the Pope’s resignation, but what about the new Pope? How will he cope in a world filled with digital believers?

Here are five apps ideal for the new Pope’s phone, which we bet is an iPhone 5. Simply because it looks like a holy artefact. But to be fair, we’ve mixed the list with both Android and iPhone apps. Just remember to set your phone to silent if downloading apps in church.

Daily Bible – Android: Free 

According to the app description, this is “the most downloaded Bible app on Android” and who are we to argue? It’s the most popular book in the world, so the app simply follows suit. The app includes a daily Bible verse, a searchable database of verses and links to various Christian podcasts. Sounds like a quick win to us.

Confessions – iPhone: US$0.99

This app was created in conjunction with various Catholic ministers, reverends and so forth. The app provides a “personalized examination of conscience” for the user and assists them in preparing for the rite of penance. The app creates an “examination of conscience” based on user choices, plus the ability to select from seven acts of contrition.

Answers 4 Catholics – iPhone: US$1.99

This app is one of the highest rated, and most recommended, Catholic apps on iTunes. Simply put, it’s a hub for all things Catholic. From faith-based radio shows, to live feeds, daily quotes, bible quizzes and plenty of in-app purchases to expand on the experience, Answers 4 Catholics is just that, the ideal digital hub for the devout. Plus, it’s a decent looking app of high-quality, which kind of necessitates the US$2 payment.

Bible Study – Android: Free

The Olive Tree Bible Study App boasts over two million users, and allows users to learn from some of the top Bible scholars of past and present, with offline, online and cloud syncing of Bible studies all present and accounted for. The app was designed for deeper Bible study and doesn’t skimp on the extras. There’s a side-by-side study mode, Bible resource guide and a “unique 3-touch Verse Chooser” amongst other highlights. If the app doesn’t include enough extras for you, there are literally 100s of Bible study add-ons to download as well.

iMissal – Android: US$4.99

This is it, the number one paid for app on the Android store. It’s also the “official Imprimatur from the Catholic Church” and here’s what it contains: the complete Missal (with calendar and daily readings), Our Daily Bread (a Bible verse for every day of the year), prayers and a Catholic news feed. This is an in-depth, Pope-approved app and as such, should be any devotee’s first purchase.



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