PIXEL is interactive LED art lovingly controlled by Android devices

Pixel art example

Pixel art is making a coming back with this neat little frame created by Al Linke called  PIXEL. This creation is an interactive picture frame that displays pixel art and animations via LED’s hidden behind a two way mirror. The idea formed on Kickstarter and has far surpassed it’s initial goal of US$8000. PIXEL is on US$43 779.

Pixel art example

With different models, the basic display is made up of 512 or 1024 LEDs. The images are created by the brightness and colours of each LED changing, almost like Lite Brites. The pictures and animations are controlled by Free Android apps and are not yet available on iOS version. Having worked with several pixel artists there is a variety of pictures you can choose as well as display your own pixel art creations. The project is open sourced as well, so developers are able to make their own art and add other functions as they wish.

With this nifty and enjoyable little toy you can choose an animation or picture from your Android and the change of display is sent through via Bluetooth, other fun features include a proximity sensor and some art allows the image or animation to change as someone nears the frame. When the device is not in use the PIXEL acts as a normal mirror. You are able to add an app that works with the motion sensitivity and picks up if someone is looking in the mirror paying the onlooker a compliment like “You are Beautiful” or something the like. An amusing toy/device we think.



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