Some nut renders 9600×7211 screenshot of FPS-legend Doom

Image of newly-rendered doom

Someone with too much time on their hands created this, an insane upscale of a 320×240 screenshot from the original FPS hit Doom, now beefed up to 9600×7211. That’s an image which spans seven PSD files. It took him 35-hours, eight days, and comes complete with fancy lightning and new-age textures and is a sight to behold. Video time.

The demon is called “Pinky”, FYI. The barrel is nameless

DeviantArt user Elemental79 explains the process, plus the thought behind the creation:

This is a remastered screenshot from the video game Doom. The original size was 320×240 and the final product is 9600×7211. This is the highest resolution Photoshop image I’ve done to date (although I’ve done higher 3d rendering). As you can tell the style matches closely to the original game, but with a slightly different perspective. I used a 3D rendering program to outline how things would appear in the scene to assure the perspective remained correct throughout the creation process.

Here’s an incredible screenshot of the finished product.

Image of newly-rendered doom

Any chance of Doom being remade into Ultra-HD? No. Or not in our lifetime. If you want to play an HD remake of Doom, grab Doom 3.

Image: Doom via DeviantArt

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