The iPhone case that will cost you a minimum of $11 610

iphone brikk case 3

iphone brikk case 1

Yes dear reader, that’s correct. An iPhone casing made from solid gold that will cost you US$11 610. Or if you have just a little more spare change lying around, get the platinum case for US$14 325 to add even more of a bling factor to your attire.

The casings are made by Brikk, a Los Angeles company specialising in handmade luxury products. You need to be a “Brikk” anyway to fall for this. Luxury (or stupidity) is the keyword here. For that price, you would expect to get a load of features built into the casing, but sadly the only real feature is an “internal shock absorbing silicon gasket system”. Because if you did not know, gold and platinum is heavy. And shiny, so the theft factor is upped as well. That should be a feature as well, should it not? It does make your iPhone more desirable. Oh wait, it has a self-locking mechanism as well. Amazing. If you are a US buyer, your purchase is shipped for free. Sadly for the rest of the world, a shipping cost is included.

iphone brikk case 3

Your purchase will save the world at the same time, as Brikk promises to donate “an amount of rice… with the purchase of each of our products to an NGO like the UN World Food Program.” An amount? Really… Methinks US$ 14000+ could actually buy rice for an entire family for a year. Now that’s an idea…

Apple’s iPhone is the undisputed king of design in the smartphone market. The phones look good, really good. Therefore the market in casings for iPhones are huge and sometime just a little absurd. We have seen some pointless add-on products for the iPhone, but this next product tops the list for unmatched vanity, ludicrousness, empty-headedness and any other “-ness” you can think of. Gearburn is sure that when we compile the list of the most ridiculous or worst products at the end of 2013, this will be at the top.

The saddest part of this? Someones buying one.

Image: Brikk Haven via Brikk



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