Sony’s dog-mounted camera harness is a Japan-only oddity

the Dog Cam, by Sony

Here’s the deal: Sony’s gone and released a dog-mounted camera harness, affectionally known as the AKA-DM1. For US$50, users can now order this harness that’ll fit onto any dog heavier than 15kg and between 50-80cm in size. Also, dogs get to look like this now:

the Dog Cam, by Sony

Behold, the end of human suffering
Sony’s Dog Cam

A dogs eye-view

The harness (which fits snugly around the belly of the dog) works in tandem with Sony’s new line of action cameras. Sony’s sold the action cameras for a while now and the devices offer features similar to those of the more popular sports-cam’s, the GoPro. The camera’s shoot video in full 1080p HD and can take 16MB still images. There’s more to it though, the action-cam even includes Wi-Fi for cable-free file transfer and five different video modes. Some of these shooting modes even offer a slow-mo function, and the user can choose between 60 or 120fps to get the desires slow-motion effect.

The AKA-DM1 goes on sale 26 April in Japan first. There is no word (or from what we can make out on the translated page) on a global launch and it would be a crying shame if Sony was to keep the AKA-DM1 stuck in Japan. The dog-mounted camera simply makes sense, in Japan. This is a country obsessed with household pets, and where the average citizen will choose a puppy over parenthood according to Isn’t it easier to own an AIBO?

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