Enter the Dragon: MSI Dragon Edition 2 laptop is the ultimate gaming machine

MSI is set to launch a new series of gaming laptops. The flagship is called the GT70 Dragon Edition 2 and, as the rumor mill has it, will support Intel’s fourth-gen Haswell processor.

As these notebooks are expected to launch right after Computex this June, Intel’s new Haswell processor is reckoned to be their key selling point. Engadget has gone as far as saying the new GT70 is “the first Haswell gaming laptop.” Of this, we can only speculate. The other specs are officially available though, giving the 17.3-inch GT70 Dragon the latest Nvidia GeForce GTX780M.

The moola, will already make gamers think twice before purchasing. Based on the price of the previous gen, the GT70 at US$1481, this Dragon will shoot way pass the US$1500 mark with no shame.

The upside, though, is that the Dragon Edition 2, will sport three external display ports: VGA, Mini Display Port and HDMI. What would make this a very attractive buy, is the much-rumored and novel new Haswell chip together with Nvidia’s new graphics card.

As you’d expect, another one of a gaming laptop’s key attributes would be its keyboard. It’s designed by outside, gaming gear company, SteelSeries. When it comes to looks, this reptile shows more teeth than elegance. The Dragon Edition 2 has an illuminating three-color keyboard on top of a not-so-subtle fiery-red dragon design.

Regardless of the inside specs, what makes or breaks a bold machine like this would be its comfortable design and mobility compared to a console or a desktop. It’s weight and battery specs are being left in the dark for now. Though, the GT70 Dragon Edition 2 will be joined by the GS70 Stealth which is the Dragon’s metallic, light-weight little brother. The Stealth weighs 2.9kg and is 21.8mm thin. This would make an amazing PC to take to a LAN for example and competes with the Razer Blade. Two other variants, a 14-inch and an AMD-supported 17-inch, are also expected.

Image via Engadget



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