9 gadgets every Doctor Who fan should have, seriously

Doctor who and River Song

Calling all Doctor Who fans, please report on the mail room floor now. If you are a Whovian, you love the gadgets and you wish that you could have your own TARDIS. You want to travel time and space and make the impossible happen with your awesome sonic screwdriver.

Alas, these things are not quite real. Or are they? Dedicated fans that we are however, we have gone through the piles of Doc Who gadgetry out there and picked a few that we think every Who fan should have. Hint: you can have a TARDIS.

TARDIS Smart Safe

The TARDIS Smart Safe, what else could be safer? This nifty little box works with your iPhone, iPod Touch, or Android smartphone. It works quite easily: just download the app from the App Store or Google Play, set a secret combination, and you’re ready to store your valuables in the TARDIS.


Unlocking your TARDIS is easy, just slide your smartphone into the slot up top, which then activates a pressure switch inside. Launch the app and enter your secret code. The light will blink, the TARDIS will make materializing sounds, and the door will pop open. Just like the real TARDIS.

A talking Dalek (action figure)

“You would make a good Dalek” and “Exterminate” are just some of the phrases that this little plush toy says when activated. Available from Amazon, this is quite a lovely desk gadget to have, who else better to defend your desk rather the most feared villain in Whoverse? Perhaps the Doctor himself.

A Sonic screw driver

Everyone wants a sonic screwdriver, it is the Doctor’s signature weapon, and with this nifty device you get to play the part. It makes authentic sound effects from Doctor Who and it has an ultraviolet ink nib and ultra violet reveal light for writing secrets. Yup you get to play detective Doctor Who.

“The Flesh Bowl” Figure Creator

Doctor Who flesh bowl

Remember that episode with the doppelgängers? Remember the doppelgänger making machine? Don’t you wish you could create a second you or at least your very own Doctor? Well this super interesting and frankly bizarre flesh bowl allows you to do just that. Not create your own doppelgänger, just an almost 11th Doctor.

Doctor Who spinning TARDIS watch

Who doesn’t love the Doc Who intro with the spinning TARDIS and the show’s awesome theme song. Well this watch will help you get that feeling everyday.

“The Doctor Who spinning TARDIS watch is a classic timepiece suitable for any Whovian: male, female, or Alpha Centauran,” says ThinkGeek.

What’s cool is that it features a black imitation leather band, a silver face with the swirling vortex of time-space, and Japanese quartz movement. As the time ticks away, the TARDIS spins around the watch face. Get it? Time, spin, time travel. See. You’re on your way to becoming the Doctor.

River Song’s journal

This is not a gadget per se but it is something that is part of the very fabric of Who. River Song stole our hearts when she shimmied into our lives in the Library. Her journal holds some of the biggest secrets of Who ever, she knows more about the doctor than we will ever know and it is TARDIS blue!

So this TARDIS-shaped notebook is perfect for keeping current with all your Who fantasies and it’s a handy size for carrying wherever. With 160 pages to keep all your spoilers and secrets, it’s a must have, sweetie.

Doctor Who psychic container

There is only one way for a Time Lord to send a message. None of this mundane email, Twitter or phone call nonsense will do, no. A Time Lord needs something special, a psychic container.


So you can imagine how cool this is — it’s a replica of the Doctor Who psychic container. This cool message box features motion-sensitive light changing effects. Tap the top to turn on the white glow. Tap again for white flickering mode, and tap yet again to go into color mode which cycles through a rainbow of colors.

Of course it comes with the Mark of the Corsair on it, which reminds us that a Time Lord is eternal. Another cool desk accessory to have.

Face of Boe

Who is the Face of Boe? We may never know really, but you can have him on your desk. This Face of Boe replica brings the oldest creature in the universe to live on your desk! How cool is that? The Face of Boe replica is around 5-inches tall complete with tendrils for hair and a moving mouth.

Doctor Who — Radio Control 10″ K9

K9 running around your office, apartment, bathroom, you name it. Need I say more? Fine, if I must. This battery operated remote control K9 comes complete with flashing lights as well as speech. It also includes nose gun blast, 6 other phrases and 360 degree travel.



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