First Leaked Images of the Budget iPhone

It was all the way back in April when I showed you Tactites the first peek of the supposed budget iPhone 5.

Now it’s July, and we’re so tactastically excited about what we have to show you next. These leaked images trump the iPhone 5 case images AND the iPad 5 mould images; we’ve saved these just for you loyal Tactites, so remember it was here where you glimpsed your first glimpse of what very well might be the first leaked images of the budget iPhone in full. Thebudget iPhone case shown over on Mac Rumours might have wet your whistle, but these images are going to get your inner Apple geek jumping for joy…


These pictures seem to corroborate nicely with my old tact-ful speculations when I first leaked some images of the budget iPhone case! Some may have doubted me, but no one could deny the suspiciously Apple-like iPhone design features.

I initially speculated that the budget iPhone would feature a smooth, sleek, plastic polycarbonate shell, which these images do seem to now confirm; you might also notice that these new pictures also show off some of the other aesthetics we suspected the budget iPhone 5 would have, such as it being around 9mm thick, 120mm wide, and being a little bigger than the iPhone 4/4s. You can certainly see in these comparison pictures that the budget iPhone is bigger and slightly more cumbersome looking than the iPhone 5. However, it’s not as unattractive as many speculated it would be! Well, in my tact-ical opinion it isn’t – I quite like the plastic polycarbonate shell! It seems a fair compromise for a cheaper price…


Everyone’s still not sure about what tech will be in the budget iPhone, but I think it might still be safe to assume the A5 Processor as used in the iPad Mini is a likely choice for this new phone. Besides, even if these tactalicious images don’t tell us much about the tech, it’s the design of the budget iPhone 5 that has had everyone talking – some Apple fans were dreading the new look, others were looking forward to it, since it reminded them of the retro Apple Macs!

The images here show the white version, but we still think it’s quite likely that the budget iPhone will come in a range of colours. It’s certainly sleeker and more modern looking than most people might have expected, so I’m thinking that this little phone might look quite nice in a range of Apple colours! There are a lot of rumours the new colours will be sampled from iOS 7.

So what do you think Tactites? Would you seriously consider the budget iPhone as a purchase if it does indeed look like this? Would you choose white, or go colourful? And of course, would the price difference make you opt for the budget phone, rather than the considerably more beautiful iPhone 5?

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This article originally appeared on Tactus, a Burn Media publishing partner. .




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