‘GTA V’ drops new screens and Los Santos tourist guide

GTA V lead travel guide

Rockstar’s GTA V is practically a month away from launch (17 September) and there’s still plenty to see and discover. Earlier this week, Rockstar loaded 12 brand new screens from GTA V, as well as an interactive tourist guide, a travelogue which reintroduces us to the insane world of Los Santos, last seen in GTA San Andreas. It’s fairly hilarious if you’re a GTA fan, and mildly funny if you’re not, as the travel guide is written in the classic, dry, self-deprecating style that GTA is famous for.

The pictures are all excellent, and pretty revealing for a simple batch of images. Look closely enough and you’ll find something to get excited about in every image.

GTA V: 12 new screenshots
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Blowing up random stuff and driving away into the camera, it's what GTA is best at.

Climb Time

Sweeping landscapes will look even more sweeping than ever before, thanks to next-gen muscle.

Under The Waters

It's the ocean that sends chills down our spines. Imagine being able to explore an entire ocean, what secrets would it hold?

Luxury Getaway

This could be one of a million incidents in GTA. Could be the end of a heist, the beginning of random trouble, or just some fun that got too serious.

Bugging Me

As is tradition, there'll be races dotted throughout the map. This time though. we predict drop-in, drop-out online racing fun.

Strikes Twice

It's not just in the city. There's a forest, an entire ocean, mountains, hick towns and so much more.

Detailed Driving

The level of detail is fantastic, right down to the most incidental details. We think that this is the PC version being demoed here.

Family Vacation

We can already feel that the handling in this station-wagon. In other words, loose and all over the road.

Humble Planes

Trains, planes and automobiles, plus an entire city's worth of random vehicles will add flavour and style to GTA V.

High Flying

With riches come the perks of owning private jets, and hopefully manually flying them.


Tennis, as well as roughly 50-billion other activities, will be part and parcel of the GTA V world.

The Heist

We already know that heists are going to be where players get the big money from. We also know that heists are meticulously planned.

Gta V Lead Travel Guide

Steven Norris: grumpy curmudgeon


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