LG makes its G2 flagship official, drops ‘Optimus’, adds rear buttons

LG G2 Lead

Yesterday LG launched its new flagship — the G2. It’s official and unlike its previous models, the “Optimus” has been dropped. While cutting the name might not be its major selling-point, adding some impressive features might just as well be. The G2 offers top-notch hardware features and focuses heavily on one-handed use and multitasking.

Down to the hardware specs, LG confirmed its a 5.2-inch Full HD display that covers up more than 70% of the front surface area. This means that the super-thin 0.1-inch bezel, as you can see, is quite sexy. The front camera is a 2.1 MP while, like the Optimus G, you’ll be able to mess around with dual recording. You can for instance shoot a video and snap away at quality pics at the same time.

Most notably, these features include having buttons on the back. There are no volume rocker or sleep button on the side like your average smartphone. As pointed out by Engadget, instead they are all situated right underneath the 13 MP rear camera. These buttons also functions as quick shortcut keys on-the-go. You can for example, hold the top button down a few seconds and the quick note app would open up.

Under the hood there’s a quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor running at 2.26Ghz, 2GB RAM and is available in both a 16GB and 32GB model. As for Android, the G2 will run the latest

Other interesting software features are mostly based on multitasking. You can for instance, swipe three fingers from the right side of the screen to the left to “store” or “file” specific apps. These can then again accessed by swiping your fingers from the opposite direction. You also have a range of customization options that lets you resize or adjust transparency of various widgets and webpages.

There has been no official holler on the exact price and dates of availability yet.

Image via 91Mobiles



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