Terrafugia flies: transforms from car to plane and back again


Where the hell are the flying cars already? Right here actually and in the video below. This carplane, called Terrafugia finally takes flight. It’s a proper sight to behold, plus the thing’s street legal. But can any of us afford it?

When Terrafugia launches sometime in 2016 or 2017, it’s going to cost a healthy US$279 000 (R2 790 000. Take a gander at the video of Terrafugia in action, as it flies, takes off and lands. It’s not all sunshine and roses as it flies around, we’d be terrified to be behind the joystick of this space-age beauty, so we’re guessing that a pilot’s license is needed. This model is the third-generation, we’d hate to think of the issues the first two had.

It all took place at the sweetly named Oshkosh, Wisconsin in the US of A. Now, the flight seemed smooth enough but at a certain point in the video, 31-seconds in to be precise, the planes wings don’t fold up at the exact same speed. If this happened in traffic, or even during flight, we’d question the effectiveness of this bloody expensive transforming plane car. For those who want to book their place in history, the company that makes Terrafugia is now taking US$10 000 (R100 000) refundable deposits. A small price to pay to pretend that we’re living a real life episode of The Jetsons.

Steven Norris: grumpy curmudgeon


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