PS4 launches in Japan 22 January 2014


Sony’s made two announcements today. One: PS Vita TV which we’ve written about. Two: the PlayStation 4 is launching in Japan 22 January 2014, a full 90-days after the US launch, As reported by Engadget. It’s madness to launch the PS4 so late in a country that favour’s Sony’s products over Microsoft, but we’re sure that the home of PlayStation has its reasons.

The PS4 is going to be priced at 41 979 Yen, which is US$421 (R4 210) for those in the states. The price of the PS4 is set at US$399, so the price shift to Yen seems marginal. Now, there’s also a US$349 PS4 which is far less expensive than the entry-level 41 979 Yen model. Japan seems like it’s being punished in both price and launch date. Dire new.

Or, pay 46 179 Yen (US$463) for the PS4 with the PlayStation Camera. Apparently, the audience audibly groaned when the Japan launch data was announced. Who wouldn’t groan? This sucker has been craved and lusted after for a year or more now, why can’t the world just get along and release consoles simultaneously? This is why:

SCEJA’s President, Kawano-san said that Sony needed to time “re-version Western titles” for the Japanese market. Sony want’s to ensure a “full array” of launch titles. If we were in Japan and had to wait an extra three months for the PS4, we’d be mad as hell. Will this delay make the Japanese audience mad enough to buy an Xbox One though? According to the pre-order list on VGChartz, the PS4 is on 600 000 pre-orders while the Xbox One is only on 350 000 (numbers are for US only).

This is a telling sign and Japan is the homeland of Sony. Let’s just hope that when the PS4 finally sees the light of day in what will be its most successful sales region, the games will be properly de-westernized.



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