Xbox possibly headed into China’s piracy-stricken market

Xbox One Floating

Microsoft, creators of the Xbox 360 and upcoming Xbox One, are over the whole “China is a pirates haven” crap and as such. The software company has formed a joint venture with Shanghai-based media conglomerate BesTV. According to a Polygon report, Microsoft and BesTV want to create the “Bestpad”, a console based on the Xbox architecture. A note posted on the Shanghai stock exchange said that there’s already been an initial investment of US$237-million.

BesTV is one of China’s largest media companies and produces smart TVs (and has sold 10-million of the suckers), mobile content, networked TV boxes, streaming video and more to millions of users in China. With a Microsoft-powered console under its belt, BesTV could have the first, official console entering China in over a decade. Should we expect to see Sony vying or position with one of BesTV’s competitors? You can count on it.

If and when this meeting of tech giants happens, all trade of the “Bestpad” will happen in Shanghai’s free trade zone, where Twitter, Facebook and the New York times will also finally see the light of day, reports Business Insider.

“This is the first step of many to come for Microsoft and BesTV. We look forward to exploring new opportunities for bringing entertainment offerings to China, but we have no further details to share,” said Microsoft.

China’s known as a dead-zone for consoles, with its thirteen year ban on video games and country also has one of the highest rates of piracy in the world, reports Forbes. The Chinese call this “shanzhai”, the copying of branded games and consoles. If you want a yBox, and iApple or a Soby PP5, then China’s would be the place to find one.

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