10 reasons why Samsung’s Galaxy Round rocks, and rolls

Round lead

Here’s a secret: Samsung’s latest cutie, the Galaxy Round has quickly grown on us. While it may only be a melted-in S4, the Round is the first original phone any of us have seen in an exceedingly long time. And here’s ten reasons why we think that the Round is one of the best phones to come out this year.

It’s the world’s first curved phone!

Samsung Galaxy Round

It really is. Can you imagine how nicely this will slide into our pockets, or feel against our ears?

2. A crazy 13MP camera with LED flash

Round camera

Samsung makes some great camera phones, such as the S4 Zoom. A 13MP sensor should produce some stunning shots.

3. MicroUSB 3.0


Yes, that’s a MicroUSB 3.0 port

With MicroUSB 3.0, both charging and transfer speeds will be considerably boosted.

4. LTE-Advanced ready

A speed test for LTE-A. Jump to 1:50 to see 180Mbps in action

Is anyone ready for this? LTE-A is faster than most wired connections and could change the face of wireless internet.

5. It comes in stylish Luxury Brown

Luxury Brown

Taste the class

It may only come in one finish, but it’s the best-looking finish we’ve ever seen.

6. It has Multi-Window


The new Note 10.1 2014 Edition. Same thing on the Note III and Galaxy Round

Most big-screen Samsungs have this, and with the enhanced CPU speeds Multi-Window is smooth and actually useful.

7. It weighs 154g, less than a glass of wine


Drink two to three glasses of these if you invested in BlackBerry shares

It’s still heaver than the iPhone 5S though. But look at that screen, or marvel at it really.

8. It could be Samsung’s best display ever

Samsung Galaxy Round
1080p, 386 ppi, 5.7″ Super Flexible AMOLED capacitive touchscreen display (phew)

Watching anything in HD is going to look absolutely incredible. And did you know that curved TV’s will soon be the norm?

9. It has that nifty roll effect

By rolling the Round towards you, it’ll display the time, date and any missed calls or notifications. This rolling effect will also scroll through content and skip music tracks.

10. It looks like it’s smiling at you

Round Smile

At least it’s happy

Don’t worry, be happy. Unless it ends up costing R9000 (US$900) or more.

Multi Windows image via Laptopmag

Wine image by RalphUnden via Flickr

All other images via Samsung Tomorrow

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