New Xbox One ad touts dashboard UI, impressive Kinect voice commands

Xbox One dashboard

“Xbox, on.” The new Microsoft ad of the Xbox One shows us the console’s dashboard in action as well as very impressive response time via voice commands and switching between various forms of media entertainment.

In the video, the guy logs in as Archie Earnest and scrolls, “voicing” through the Windows Live Tiles-style dashboard of his Xbox One with incredible ease.

Earnest opens up Pacific Rim, shares the trailer on social media and Snap searches for something on Bing using a side screen while watching TV. He does most of this, if not everything, via voice command. Opening up the Activity Feed from inside any app shows all his and the friends of Archie Earnest’s Xbox Live stats.

Earnest then drops in on one of his friends’ matches of the Xbox One exclusive Titanfall which he then records using Game DVR – the gamer then shares this via Xbox Live. He finally turns his console off after receiving a call from his friend on Skype.

The Kinect, which is a fixed feature of the console, picks up all the voice commands with a fast and responsive seek time. Switching between browsing the internet, playing games, using apps and watching TV for instance are all very impressive. Whether that’s what the machine’s performance really looks like or if it’s just great editing, you can’t tell.

The question remains though whether or not it would just be simpler pressing A or B on your controller rather than saying “Xbox… open up Pacific Rim“.



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