Samsung Push Service app cures cancer, grants superpowers say reviewers

Samsung Push

Own a Samsung smartphone (Galaxy Note III, Galaxy S IV, Galaxy… something)? You’re probably familiar with the Push Service App which is installed by default. What it does is notify you when a Samsung app (ChatON, Samsung Apps, AllsharePlay, Samsung Wallet) has a message or an update for it. It’s not that difficult to figure out. It’s also not that handy, unless you’re nuts for Samsung-branded apps.

So you can always uninstall it (hint: remove ChatON), but then you won’t get notifications that notify you to update the notification app. This though, is exactly what the app does, according to Samsung’s Google Play listing:

– New message is displayed in the pop-up window
– Display a badge on the application icon for a new message
– Display new message on the notification bar

Or, even better, you can review it. For an app that does practically nothing, the user reviews are hysterical. From delivering babies, to curing hepatitis C and dispensing free condoms, the Push app seems to do it all according to its more than 100-million users. Most of the reviewers are playing around with the word “Push” and the results are uniformly hilarious:

This user is strong with the force


Seems legit?


Galaxy in disguise


Beam us up


Like a wrecking ball


But is it a good protein supplement?

working out

Free upgrades!

note 3 upgrade

What’s his Kill/Death ration now?

call of duty

The first rule of Push, is don’t talk about Push

app attack

Push, the cure-all

healthy cure

Steven Norris: grumpy curmudgeon


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