Watch an iPhone 5C being torn apart by a sniper rifle shot in slow motion


There are a lot of things we want to do with the iPhone 5C. Test how iOS 7 works on it, check out the new plastic casing, see how it feels in comparison to the iPhone 5 and hopefully, one day, blow it to kingdom come with a .50 caliber rifle.

This video from RatedRR and shot with the new GoPro Hero3+ at 120FPS (slow mo) and the Red Digital Camera (300FPS), shows how the iPhone 5C can handle a drop into the dirt, but not onto the pavement (it cracks in the bottom right corner). It even survives a one-second drop into water. But can it survive a shot from one of the most powerful rifles ever made? Of course not. But it’s fun to watch Apple’s latest die a thousands deaths in slow-motion.

At 60 000FPS, you can watch how the iPhone 5C is torn apart like a wet bag of screen wipes. It’s pretty incredible, and oddly zen to see a device this expensive being decimated to nothing at all. Drop tests are nothing new, and shooting phones into the digital void has been done before. Yet, there’s something special about RatedRR’s video: namely their custom 60 000FPS setup. The black powder of the LCD being destroyed is a beautiful sight for Android fans.



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