This is how Samsung’s ‘wraparound’ smartphone display works

Samsung galaxy curve display

A patent that was filed by Samsung was recently made public and detailed a “method of operating functions of a portable terminal having a bended display.” While Samsung has already launched a smartphone with a curved display, namely the Galaxy Round, we’re yet to see one with a display curved around the device’s edges. With this patent filing made public, such a design might not be too far off.

A good device is where practicality meets innovation. Whether this is such a device or not, Samsung nonetheless showcased a device prototype with a wraparound display at CES in January this year which proved to be not too convincing because of its lack of functionality, practicality and other “-alities” that just mean innovation for the sake of it.

Hopefully this time round, Samsung can convince us that this is in fact the future. This newly discovered patent describes in detail its uses and weird adaptations.

There will be no physical buttons on the sides of the device so instead of locking it by pressing a button for instance, you can use other capacitive methods with the help of the specially designed software instead. This leads to the question — how would the software have to adapt to incorporate such a unique design?

Samsung illustrated prototype in action
left right

Samsung Wrap Lock

Samsung illustrates the lock slider on the smartphone's curved edge which would be where your thumb would naturally be when picking it up.

Samsung Wrap Contact

Samsung illustrates a list of contacts with additional information displayed on the right curved edge of the display.

Samsung Wrap Charge

Samsung illustrates the battery charge indicator on the right curved edge of the smartphone.

Samsung Wrap Email

Samsung Wrap Book

Samsung illustrates chapter and/ or page information about an ebook.

Iphone Curve Display Prototype Apps

To unlock the device, you can touch the curved edge with two fingers at once. Awkward much?

Iphone Curve Display Prototype Music

Samsung illustrates some of the new gesture technology incorporated where you can possibly swipe content to the edge of the device to either store or share.

Samsung Galaxy Curve Display

Here’s a demonstration of Samsung’s curved display being showcased at CES 2013:

Weird or wonderful? Last week news broke that Apple’s allegedly working on a device with a curved display so this might become the new trend of 2014 after all.

Do these illustrations convince you, or will such a device be Galaxy Round?

Image via PC Advisor and The Verge



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