Is this Samsung’s Nexus 10? Nope, hoax

Nexus 10 1

Nexus 10 2

Earlier this week leaked images of a Samsung-made Nexus 10, an Android KitKat tablet based on the much-loved Nexus 7, appeared on the internet. But now Evleaks, who’re mostly on the money when it comes to leaks and rumours, has discounted this as nothing more than a hoax, according to their last tweet:

There were also leaked specifications, and the eagle-eyed among us would have known instantly that this was indeed a hoax. When people start mentioning “Android 4.5”, there’s trouble a-brewing.

Specs include a Exynos 5 processor, 2560×1600 WQXGA display, 3GB of RAM with 16/32GB storage options, along with 5MP rear/3MP front facing cameras — running on Android 4.5

Almost sounds like the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 model, which is most likely where the hoax story gleaned most of its technical information from. Also, it’s a pretty shoddy render of a product that Google would have told us about itself. A 10″ Nexus is a possibility, but people seem to have jumped the gun. In all seriousness, have a close look at the quality of this image and you’ll see that it’s a quick Photoshop with a weird-looking bezel and poorly done gradients.

Images via EVleaks and Pocket-lint

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