My N3RD connects to and controls ‘any gadget from anywhere’


The Internet of Things is 2014’s gadget buzzword. Essentially, it means that anything, be it a kettle or a music player, should (read: must!) connect to the internet. Enter My N3RD, a gadget that “allows you to control any device from your Smart Phone. No internet or router required.” Sounds to good to be true? It’s not, so read on. Or watch the video.

These crazy kids and their nutty ideas. The team behing My N3RD (it’s pronounced, “nerd”) says that it can connect to and control any gadget, from any location. So it’s not just to TVs and sound systems, but anything with a switch. So that’s light-bulbs, water geysers, remote-controlled cars, everything and anything. Bugger smartwatches, My N3RD’s a Smart Switch.

To make it even easier to understand, think of My N3RD as the replacement for a physical switch, as all control of the device is handed to the app. If you watched the video, you’ll know how enthusiastic creator Rob Dorrell is about My N3RD. To be honest, so are we. why? Once My N3RD is set up with the smartphone app, it can be used as a standalone device. It’s made up of two inputs for connecting whatever switches and sensors you may want to add to it. Also, My N3RD uses non-volatile memory, meaning that all stored instructions can be accessed even if it’s turned off. Fancy!

My N3RD 2

There’s already an iOS app (Android is on the way) and already, users have shoehorned My N3RD into some outlandish situations. A Jeep, or a fireplace? You decide which is the most unusual, or craziest switch.

The actual “internet of things”

My N3RD has a fairly humble financing goal of US$50 000, and it’s halfway there. These are the sort of projects that should be invested in as we continue to approach a gadget singularity. Plus, My N3RD will make our lives approximately a billion times easier when it releases a consumer-friendly version.

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