Put down the cookie: iFit Active band sees and tracks all [CES2014]


CES 2014 seems to be the launchpad for a bunch of fitness apps and hardware. Take the newly announced and originally named iFit Active band, a fitness tracker that monitors activity, steps, movement time, sleep patterns, and “more” all through a single user account where the information is uploaded via Bluetooth 4.0.

Just like the FitBit, another fitness tracker that is almost exactly like iFit, Active can be clipped to clothing or worn as a watch. But unlike FitBit, iFit connects to other internet-enabled fitness equipment at the gym and at home, with most functions relegated to a single button push (uploading daily calorie intake, for instance). On the face of the watch are two numbers, time of day and the user’s choice between calories burned, distance traveled or steps taken.


Here’s iFit’s software in action

iFit explains: “It’s the enhanced experience of iFit, as it goes everywhere with you. The iFit Active band is the only one to automatically switch settings from awake to asleep, based on customized settings in the iFit Active app. By personalizing sleep, workout and wake up schedules, the iFit Active wearable will automatically log all activity and sleep, without manually switching modes.” We like this, it’s a neat, intelligent addition that fitness bands were sorely lacking.

Most importantly, iFit Active looks both functional and classy, like TomTom’s Multi-Sport. Visiting the iFit site takes the experience further, letting us download customised workouts, so that we can push our flabby bodies even further. And as per the picture above, iFit Active comes in a variety of hipster-friendly colours.

iFit is being demoed at CES 2014 this week, but when it releases in the next few months, it’ll cost US$129. The iOS and Android apps are free.

Steven Norris: grumpy curmudgeon


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