Check out this crazy ‘Titanfall’ alpha gameplay footage


The thing that’s probably most likely to tempt die-hard PS4 gamers to cross over, also known as Titanfall, has recently dropped the ball when a bunch of gameplay content was prematurely uploaded onto the web.

Electronic Arts held what it called a “limited technical test” where participants enjoyed and tested some never-before-seen multiplayer matches, and while these guinea pigs have undergone a disclosure agreement, it was still shared like it’s a new Miley Cyrus controversy. Either way, the gameplay looks impressive to say the least.

If the quality seems a bit off, it’s because the videos are poor — not the game. As one of Titanfall’s programmers, Rayme Vinson tweeted:


There are two classes: a Pilot and a Titan. Pilots get a primary weapon, an Anti-Titan weapon and a sidearm while Titans carry one very powerful canon type weapon.

As shown in the videos, you start off as a Pilot with some insanely fast-paced, wall-running, double jumping action waiting for a Titan to be deployed. Once you’re in your big suit of destruction, the gameplay gets scaled to a completely whole new level.

Titanfall launches in March on PC, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Image via Gamer Headlines



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