Google Glass gains ‘5 little games’, filled with big ideas

Glass Games

Simpsons did it,” is what we thought when this news shot past out noses. Google Glass now does gaming. Exceptionally simple gaming, but it has begun. The video below also makes it look kind of neat.

Are you a developer? Do you have Google Glass? Then you definitely owe it to yourself to snag these four free games, right now. We’ve Clay Shooter, Balance, Matcher, Shape Splitter and Tennis. All the games are extraordinarily basic in concept and graphics, but seem playable and have a bouncy tune to match. We love our bouncy tunes. Google’s Developer page explains:

With tons of tiny sensors and a screen that fits neatly above the eye, Glass is an exciting new place to play. We hacked together five simple games that experiment with the unique features of Glass and demonstrate some of the possibilities for gaming.

These “simple little games” really are that. Balance sees you moving and tilting your head to keep blocks from toppling off, Tennis seems to be like first person Pong, Clay Shooter will satisfy the Duck Hunt itch in all of us, Matcher is a great brain-teaser (and is possibly the oldest game of all time), while Shape Splitter looks to be the most accessible fun, a sort of a Fruit Ninja for Google Glass as Joystiq puts it.

Download all five mini-games directly from Google.

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