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It’s a superlative day for gamers. Especially those whose itch can only be scratched by the FPS bug. For them, we offer the Titanfall beta which begins today. Signing up takes place now for either Xbox One or PC (if your rig can handle it, the specs are quite high), but it’s apply first, to potentially qualify for beta entry later.

If and when you’ve been selected for the beta, EA’s promised to shoot you an email with detailed instructions on how to sign up for what is surely the most potent-looking FPS of 2014. “Seats are limited” and signups end 17 February 11:59PST, or next week Monday depending on what side of the world you frequent.

Registration is a one-minute affair, and upon completion you’re given the option of sharing the Titanfall beta signup with your friends via Twitter, G+, Facebook, post (we’re kidding) before going back to your normal day-to-day existence. The beta officially boots up this Valentines Day, 14 February.

Titanfall beta

For those of you registering for a PC beta, you’re going to need an Origin account – free from EA – before you hop into the game. Pity the Xbox 360 fans though. Despite Titanfall being actively developed for Xbox 360, the beta won’t be extending to last-gen users.

Xbox One users may not even need beta access to play Titanfall. The official Titanfall FAQ states that multiple Xbox One accounts can use the same beta says VG247.”If the closed Beta is installed on your system, all accounts should have access.”

What is Titanfall? An online multiplayer-only game for PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One which limits matches to 6 vs. 6 players, outfits you with parkour skills and drops giants mechs called Titans into the field. Titanfall was developed by a hodgepodge of former Modern Warfare team members, so it’s legacy and consistency as a truly great online FPS is all but ensured. Watch this video of the game in action, and try to tell us that we’re wrong.

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