Want the Galaxy S5? Wait until May and get it for 24% less

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We all like to save money on our expensive tech goodies. The latest gadget to catch our eye is the shiny upgrade to the Galaxy S4, namely Samsung’s Galaxy S5. While it’s not the most exciting upgrade, it sure is desirable, and destined to be expensive. But, you don’t have to spend an estimated US$700 on the new phone (says a report from the IB Times).

According to PricePanda, a price comparison site which services the South Asian markets, if we wait until May 2014, the price of the Galaxy S5 will drop by nearly a quarter. The site also mentions that the S5 will launch 11 April.

That’s an estimated US$168 off the asking price, if the suggested pricing structure from the report pans out. For a brand new Galaxy S5, we’d only be set back US$532. PricePanda founder Christian Schiller explains:

“From the price development of the former Galaxy smartphones we have observed on our website, we believe that major price falls for the S5 will take place shortly. For those who consider buying the S5, we recommend to wait until May, as the phone should be about 24% cheaper than it is today.”

S5 lower price

It’s a fairly obvious pattern of price drops, says the website. It notes that the S2 dropped to 13% three months after launch, the S3 14% and the S4 a massive 18%. If the pattern continues, the S5 price should drop to 24% in less than 12 weeks from launch.

The figures may not pan out, but PricePanda is working off its own statistics, therefore a price drop is hopeful, if not fixed. So, wait if you can.

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