13 easy iTunes tips you ought to know

iTunes lead

iTunes is easy to get to grips with, but there are a few tips that new users may not be aware of. So we’ve compiled a list to get the most out of Apple’s shiny music, radio and video player.

1. Backup often

Go to file > devices > Back Up. The option you should pick is “add items from last backup” instead of a full backup.

2. Make it mini

To make iTunes smaller, click the minimise button next to the full screen icon

mini player

mini player

3. Hide the iTunes window

Push command + H. This works throughout OS X, and will hide all windows in sequence.

4. Delete songs from the iDevice

In the music app, swipe right on a song and tap Delete. The song is removed from the iDevice and from iTunes during the next sync.

5. Play all songs at one volume level

Go to iTunes > Preferences > Playback and check “Sound Check”.

Sound check

6. Adjust AirPlay volume

If you’re connected to Apple TV or an AirPlay supported device, click the AirPlay icon next to the volume and play buttons. From here, you can adjust the volume on both devices separately.

7. Use iTunes to re-install iOS 7.1

Battery problems with iOS 7.1? Try re-installing the OS through iTunes. ZDNet has a brief guide here (it’s much easier than it looks).

8. Search the mini player

There’s almost no need to jump out of the mini player. To search for songs, just tap the looking-glass icon in the player.

Mini search

9. Remote control iTunes on an Android device

I use Remote for iTunes. Here’s the free trial of an app I highly recommend as it worked first time without any hassles.

10. Use the equaliser

Press Command + Alt + 2 together to open the equaliser. Change the predefined settings or create your own mix of music bliss. Just don’t leave it on the “Flat” option.

11. Remove duplicate files

Go to View > Show Duplicate Items. This is a little spotty, so be careful when going through the list that you don’t delete songs incorrectly listed as duplicates.

12. Always update iTunes

I’m not lobbying for Apple, but don’t skip an iTunes update. Apple adds some genuinely useful features to each iteration of iTunes and you may find that an update fixes any issues you may have.

13. Turn Sidebar back on

Hit Command + Alt + S to turn the Sidebar back on. It makes organising files a pleasure.



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