Win ‘Dark Souls II’ for Xbox 360 [Closed]

The dragons are coming

The dragons are coming

Update: Together with his great story, Alister Ho is our winner of this competition! He just won a hard copy of Dark Souls II for Xbox 360.

Dark Souls II has recently been released with much acclaim… and a lot of dread. The action role-playing title is well-known for its spectacular open-world explorations, unique monsters and insane difficulty, and we’re giving it away.

Set in the land of Drangleic, your mission is to battle the Undead to ultimately find a cure for the protagonist’s curse. The game hasn’t ventured too far off its predecessor: it features the same game mechanics but reveals whole new environments, weapons, and of course monsters that will haunt your very dreams.

One of the most-loved features is the online component, and the sequel has unique co-op and competitive play where online players can choose to either battle with or fend off players.

To win Dark Souls II for Xbox 360 you’ll need to tell us in the comments below about your favourite, most memorable online moment in the original Dark Souls. If you haven’t had the opportunity to jam Dark Souls before, share your best method of defence against the Undead. When the day comes, and the dead walks the Earth, what will you do to survive?

Competition ends 27 March 2014



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