You’ll love this: the plug, play and sniff bacon alarm app

bacon app and device

Tech can make our non-kosher dreams come true, by squirting a bacon scent from our iPhones and into our nostrils. Yes, it’s true. Watch this video which unashamedly gave us goosebumps.

It’s a small piece of hardware that when attached to the bottom of an iPhone, puffs out a waft of bacon-flavoured scent when the accompanying iOS alarm clock app activates. Take it like this: what sound would you prefer in the morning? That horribly shrill alarm tone, or the sound of crackling bacon paired with the smell of the sweetest meat candy ever. We know what we would choose (except for the vegan members among us, who should consider adding bacon to their diet). Here’s how the app looks.

the app

Mashable managed to get its sticky fingers on a Bacon scent add-on, which sadly doesn’t really smell like bacon at all. The site says that the smell is more akin to “jerky” (the US version of dried, cured meat) and is “saddle-like” (your guess is as good as ours). The smell comes from scent pods.

Warning: don’t get too attached to the idea though as the only way to own one, is to win one. Or to apply for one and become “Official Bacon Beta Tester”.

We tried to apply, but when we submitted our entry we received this.

The best we can do now is to download the official Bacon alarm clock app (iOS only) and drool onto our bacon-less plates.

Steven Norris: grumpy curmudgeon


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