10 Samsung Galaxy S6 features we’d love to see

Samsung Galaxy S5 fingerprint

Samsung’s rolled out its flagship phone of 2014, the Galaxy S5 – a smartphone that will place a sales headlock on most of the existing top brands in the smartphone market.

Of course, the Galaxy S5’s lifespan is far from over but then, change is key in the world of technology. So Samsung won’t remain complacent with its 2014 innovations. With Apple set to unfurl the iPhone 6 this year, Samsung has more reason to heat the market up with its next phone, the Galaxy S6. If we consider that all future phones are perfect, then the Samsung Galaxy S6 will be the phone that has it all. From a powerful OS to some truly gripping features, this is what the Galaxy S phones have been missing so far.

Graphene in, Silicon out

Silicon remains as the most popular of all materials to be used in semiconductors. But a select group of Asian scientists have been working along with the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) — including the Sungkyunkwan University in South Korea — in pursuit of discovering ways to make Graphene material ideal for wearable devices and other similar next generation electronic products. Graphene has 100 times better conducting ability than silicon and rumour has it that Samsung is trying to synthesise large areas of Graphene to micro-thin layers of crystal. The single crystal layer will come with a semiconductor retaining the mechanical and electric properties of the material.

Curves are in

To keep its head above the innovation waters, Samsung might just want to make the Galaxy S6 curvy. The Galaxy Round was a bad idea, but rumours say that Samsung is working on a factory which will be used exclusively for building flexible displays. Imagine a squishy, bendy phone that can take all sorts of damage and return to its original shape unblemished. What a beauty that would be.

Tizen or Android?

A popular and proven belief is that Samsung is now trying to figure Tizen out. Its Gear 2 watch received a decent reception from critics, which may be reason enough for it to push for Tizen. If not Tizen, Samsung’s Galaxy S6 will definitely pack the latest version of Android. Whatever it is, the S6 will definitely be coming with a better OS, be it in-house or not.

Hardware powerhouse

Predictions say that S6 is going to have the following hardware in it – Samsung’s own Exynos 8000 16-core processor or 64-bit Snapdragon Qualcomm 810 will be driving the phone. It will be further backed with 4GB RAM and 128GB on-board memory. The GPU hardware would improve efficiency by 30%. The battery would be the best yet — 3300 to 3500 mAh battery or perhaps even larger. Among other features of the Snapdragon platform includes support for LPDDR4 RAM.

Huge display, ’cause bigger is better

From clarity to efficiency, the display of the S5 has been quite a premium one and remains practically unbeatable. But the Samsung Galaxy S6 might just need a bit more fine-tuning. A 5.5-inch display is just what Samsung fans require and might get. The extra room will give the phone further clarity and make it easier to use. And, although the Galaxy S5 could survive underwater, it  won’t respond to touch commands. Will the Galaxy S6 rectify this issue?

Redefining elegance

The plastic look of Galaxy S5 has made the phone lose points for its look and feel. With iPhone going all metal and other contending manufacturers following sharply at its heels, Samsung may go for a metal casing this time, making the S6 lighter, slimmer and classier. The S6 will have to distance itself greatly from the S5 if it wants to remain in the style game.

Taking the privacy crown from Apple

Apple’s pretty much got it locked down when it comes to easily accessible privacy options, as TouchID is near flawless. Not so with the Samsung S5. It’s going to have to heavily rework the fingerprint scanner in the Galaxy S6 if it want to take the crown.

Going the HTC way with stereo speakers

With broader and bigger screens, people love using their smartphones instead of their TV or laptop, but built-in speakers have always held Samsung phones back. It’s about time for Samsung to copy the HTC One and slap dual front-facing speakers to boost the sound capabilities of the phone.

5G capability?

In order to stand out, the Samsung Galaxy S6 must be equipped to handle a better network, namely the planned-for-the-future 5G.

On-board Projector

Now this is something that has been tested on various devices but to no avail, including Samsung’s own Galaxy Beam. Since the S6 is touted to be bigger, accommodating a mini projector shouldn’t be much of an issue. It will also make watching content in a group much easier.

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