What these kids say of the 1989 Game Boy is priceless, funny and a bit sad

game boy

Yes, we know it’s yet another “people react” video, but the nostalgia is strong with this one. Remember the original Nintendo Game Boy and its non-touch green ‘n white screen? These kids don’t. We watched this yesterday, but the kids reactions are only sinking in now, and we feel old.

The Fine Bros. places an original 1989 Game Boy in the hands of various pre-teen kids as they try to figure out what exactly the hell it is. The commentator walks the kids through what the Game Boy is as they attempt to play a rousing game of Tetris on it, and figure out how to turn it on.

Our favourite bit has to be the super-geeky kid who despite being two decades younger than the Game Boy, knows everything about it. That kids has a real future ahead of him.

Most of the other kids are less than impressed, especially when the magnifying glass / screen light attachment is whipped out. “It looks like a TV,” and “why can’t you just tape a flashlight to it?” are two reasonable responses from the kids being interviewed.

Just watch the video, even if you’re not a fan of miniature people, this video will elicit chuckles

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