Leaked iPhone 6 packaging uglier than Chinese knock-offs

iphone 6 package leak

Apart from screen-on leaks, there aren’t more definitive images than a product in its retail packaging. TechRadar has reportedly pictured the device in its shop-ready shell, thanks to an “Apple beta tester” who’s snapped these pics a month prior to the speculated launch.

There’s been a steady stream of rumours eminating from Apple’s usually water-tight pre-release programmes. Either there’s a breach inside its secret lair, or someone just wasted a weekend constructing a fake iPhone 6 box for laughs.

Regardless of the packaging, the phone features all the nooks, crannies and styling lines of previously leaked dummy units, and it would appear that this is the iPhone 6’s official clothes — barring some dramatic last minute styling job at Cupertino. And that seems highly unlikely.

The packaging, however, is more than just a little problematic. Positively, it’s similar to both the iPhone 5 models previously released (see unboxing above) — the rectangular box cover looks to fit snugly above its other half — while the phone sits in the familiar upraised coccoon. We’re not sure what’s under the phone itself, but the familiar earphones, data/charging cable and adapter should all be present.

In favour of the images’ authenticity, TechRadar also added a little disclaimer:

“But after having checked EXIF data, photo manipulation and doing a little background check on our source, there’s no reason for us to believe that these are fakes.”

There are some gripes though. The images are not the cleanest or clearest, for one. Additionally, the glamour image on the box looks more suited to a Chinese knock-off than Apple’s actual styling studio. It lacks subtlety, and for all intents and purposes, it’s rather garish for the purported upmarket smartphone. We pray that the official box isn’t this ugly, though.

For a catalogue of previous leaks summarised in a neat, comprehensible stream, take a gander at our iPhone 6 rumour round up.

Images via TechRadar

Andy Walker


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