Kano custom PC makes coding awesome for kids, technically-challenged adults


We’ve probably all heard the term “square-eyes” passed around a lot back in the Nineties, when TV and computer screens were still boxes spurned from the bowels of the devil himself. But two decades on and children are now encouraged to use computers to learn as much as possible. Kano, a novel Kickstarter project, takes this one step further.

Kano is a computer that, according to the developers, anyone can build, learn to code on and “create the future”. It’s largely aimed at kids who love things with screens and electricity, but its now available for everyone.

Powered by the ubiquitous Raspberry Pi, the Kano allows its user to build it within two minutes, connecting all the important internals together, in a way that’s simple enough for children. Once the system is booted, Kano’s OS is visible, which allows its users to play music, videos, learn to code or play games.

At just US$150 (it was US$90 during its funding phase), the Kano comes with a touch-pad bundled keyboard, an SD card housing the OS files, a Raspberry Pi, a case for said Pi and all the cords and cables one needs. Of course, the buyer should fork out their own screen.

It’s a ridiculously successful Kickstarter project, amassing over US$1.5-million in its crowdfunding stage. But now the London-based company is hoping buyers that didn’t contribute will be eager to try Kano out going forward.

Although parents will probably take a while to warm up to this idea, coding and computers are undeniably the future.

Andy Walker, former editor


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