October’s free PS Plus games are incredible, include Spelunky, DriveClub and Batman: Arkham Asylum

While the price of PlayStation Plus has unfortunately doubled in sunny South Africa, the benefits of owning the service are still hugely beneficial for the fervent gamer. Take the free PlayStation Plus games for instance. Sony dishes out quality titles month-to-month, with October’s lineup of games possibly the best yet. Here’s what’s on offer for each platform (PS4, PS3 and PS Vita).


Dust: An Elysian Tail, Spelunky (cross-buy) and DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition. The PS4 gets three whopping titles. Dust is a cool little “Metroidvania” action-adventure, while Spelunky is essentially the Dark Souls of platform games. DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition offers ten cars plus 11 maps and unrestricted access to all gaming modes, both offline and online.


Batman: Arkham Asylum and Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara are two arcade-style fighters that both offer stress-relief after the end of yet another mindless day of work. Batman is the superior title, and is the best in the series so far, while Dungeons & Dragons is a fun arcade fighter with four-player co-op.

PS Vita:

Pix the Cat (cross-buy for PS4) is an interesting hybrid of Nokia game Snake and arcade-classic Pac-Man, while Rainbow Moon (cross-buy for PS3) is one of those generic isometric RPGs with predictably fluid content. And all these games are absolutely free for those who pay the hefty R99 per month PlayStation Plus fee.

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