rAge 2014: what to expect from Africa’s craziest gaming expo

It’s that time of the year again when the E3 of Africa takes place.

NAG’s rAge is just a few days away, taking place at Johannesburg’s Coca Cola Dome this weekend. It’s the twelfth iteration of the expo that has quickly become southern Africa’s biggest technology, gaming and gadget expo, and an event we always tend to look forward to.

Naturally, Gearburn will be there to prowl the floor, reporting on the latest and greatest games, gadgets and trends from the world of tech, but that’s a vague and rather generic explanation, isn’t it? Crave a little bit more? Well, stay tuned and let us give you the complete lowdown to the content coming your way this weekend and beyond.

Games, games everywhere

One of rAge’s massive draw cards is having yet-to-be-released titles on the test racks for the general public to play. And with the current-gen consoles now out and about in South Africa, the games on offer are exciting.

Titles from Nintendo on display include the ludicrous and luminous Splatoon, CTTT (or Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker for the pedantic) and Dynasty Warriors specifically for The Legend of Zelda fans.

Sunset Overdrive RAGE

Staying in Japan, Sony PlayStation exclusives Bloodborne, The Order 1886 and Mortal Kombat X, will be thoroughly tested too.

This is, of course, just the tip of the iceberg. Over on the Xbox stand Sunset Overdrive and Forza Horizon 2 — two games we’ve been raring to play for ages — will finally be at the mercy of our fingertips. Be warned.

Company soirees

A few tech companies are making some big announcements this weekend, from peripheral manufacturer Logitech to a certain Taiwanese computer component manufacturer we all known as ASUS. Western Digital, Coolermaster and co-sponsors Intel are also on hand.

Sneak Peek: Stay tuned for an exclusive interview with Logitech, and some breaking ASUS news directly from rAge.


They’re at it again, only this time, its even bigger than the last. 2000 attendees are expected, which cements it as the biggest LAN in the country.

Featuring a BYOC (bring your own computer) programme, custom PCs from all over the country will be connected for 53-unbroken-hours. There will be bags of bragging for sure. But will their owners last? We’ll have to wait and see.

Rage Expo LAN

For those wanting to plug their massive overclocked machines into the Dome, more info can be found here.

Cosplayers… need I say more?

Cosplay, and some general dressing up is definitely expected.

To be quite fair, there’s nothing more fun than donning your best Link or Naruto outfit, while pretending to be invincible. There should also be a few Lara Crofts running around too, so we’ll keep you updated on the candidates as we meet them.

No need to feel left out though. We’ll keep you updated on Twitter, Facebook, and of course, Gearburn itself. But if you just can’t wait, have a look at the expo’s 2013 review below.

Andy Walker, former editor


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