Windows Phone 8 devices will get Windows 10 upgrade, Microsoft reveals

It’s official — Satya Nadella wasn’t bluffing when he said that Windows 10 will be the OS for all future Microsoft devices. Replying to a tweet from a curious consumer, the company revealed that all current devices running Windows Phone 8 will be bumped up to Windows 10 in the future. Huzzah!

Microsoft clearly doesn’t want to upset the masses again with a misplaced OS move, desktop or mobile. Remember how upset Windows Phone 7 users were when they couldn’t upgrade to the then benchmark Windows Phone 8?

This was mainly due to more than the company’s smugness, nevertheless, customers don’t ever seem to forget.

Windows 10 has been making some serious waves under the surface, with those using the Technical Preview of the OS reporting that it’s stable, slick and simple, unlike Windows 8.

Thankfully, Windows Phone 8.1 was nothing like it’s desktop-based OS.

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Microsoft has also stated that it will release new “Windows 10 models” in the future. Coy, but that probably means a few Lumia models. Have a look at the tweets below.






Andy Walker, former editor


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