YouTube studio Rooster Teeth launches gaming channel for kids

YouTube production studio Rooster Teeth has launched a new channel specifically aimed at children called Game Kids.

The channel will focus on games for kids and will include The Sims and Minecraft, with videos featuring Rooster Teeth staff and their children, and the studio promises that the content will be “family-friendly”.

Caleb Deneour and Geoff Ramsay of Rooster Teeth revealed that the channel has been in the works for a years.

The channel will release videos every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, all averaging 10 to 20 minutes in length in the “Let’s Play” format. Rooster Teeth will also heavily moderate the comments section but not disable it.

Rooster Teeth’s main channel has eight million subscribers on YouTube, and 3.5-billion views since its launch in 2006, and features the popular web series, Red vs. Blue.

“Our goal is to create family friendly content for all ages. Basically, I want to make content that my daughter can watch,” said Ramsay

“The content is meant to appeal to a younger audience. I don’t want a 7-year-old kid watching a Game Kids video, then watching Rage Quit. I also don’t want that kid’s parents to murder me.”

The top 100 games channels on YouTube generated nearly 4.4-billion video views in September alone according to The Guardian, led by channels like PewDiePie and The Diamond Minecart. All are part of multi-channel network Maker Studios, which was acquired by Disney earlier in 2014.

But some of its games are not child friendly and this is what Game Kids is trying to make different.

Other children-orientated channels that have done well on YouTube include like toy unboxing channel DC Toys Collector. This is good news for Game Kids.



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