This Post Modern Skate lets hipsters wheel around with no board

Minimalism is the new cool. Just ask the company, Hammacher Schlemmer, which has added a skateboard with no board to their range of interesting outdoor products.

As every product seems to do these days, the Post Modern Skateboard is trying to break new grounds by mashing the concept of a skateboard, rollerblades and just plain ol’ geekiness. Or is that dorkiness? We’re not sure.

So the Post Modern Skateboard works like this: you place your feet in these rubber wheels and then propel forward in a serpentine motion, as you would with a longboard. Unlike the longboard, however, there are only two unconnected wheels.

Given that your feet are basically locked into the wheels, we can imagine that falling won’t be that much fun. The sidewinding circular skates do come with an extendable rod to connect the wheels which can be used by novices.

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The company notes that since the wheels are not connected, riders can easily perform 720° spins and turn on a dime, while stopping is achieved by placing toes on the ground. Because the wheels are 10-inch in diameter, you’ll be able to go over short grass and dirt surfaces, apparently.

The Post Modern Skateboard has a price tag of US$100. Take a look at the product video below and let us know if this is your cup of tea. We know the hipsters will spill their lattes for it:

If you, like us, are avid fans of new-age boards finding innovative ways of moving folk from A to B, also take a look at the Hendo hover board which was probably the geekiest thing to hit Kickstarter last year.



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