10 baby gadgets that every expecting mom needs

When you’re expecting for the first time, it’s hard for you to know what you need for when your little one arrives.

Every mother wants the best for their new born baby once they arrive, and that’s completely natural.

Technology might have an obstacle mothers will face as children discover the joys of bright screens to fixate on and buttons to vigorously mash, but before baby does arrive, technology can help your final trimester an absolute joy.

With that said, why don’t you have a look at our collection of gadgets that’ll hopefully make pregnancy, and life beyond, a little less stressful?

These gadgets are safe to use, and will make performing simple tasks even easier. They will also likely help you enjoy life as a new mom.

After all, life is all about the experience.

1. BabyDaze


Pregnancy does cause a lot of sleepless nights, and sometimes the lack of sleep is due to anxiety.

BabyDaze features a glowing pen and log book for expectant, or new, sleep-deprived moms allowing them to write down anything that’s lingering in their minds in the middle of the night, without waking anyone else in the room.

2. BellyBuds

If you are an expecting mom who likes listening to tunes that you will want to play for your little one, why not share the music with your unborn baby? According to BellyBuds, studies have shown that babies can remember music that was played to them in the womb for up to a year after birth. So why not play a jolly tune special little one?

BellyBuds are designed to fit comfortably in your clothes so all you just need to do is place it on your belly, and play a soothing song and dance or sing along to your dedicated song to the baby.

3. KickTrak

KickTrak helps you monitor your baby’s health and tracks the movements and the total number of baby’s kicks. It also serves as a pregnancy counter for the last 99 days, and can be used to time contractions when labor begins.

4. Elle Tens Machine

If you’re looking for ways to eliminate your labour pains, then this is the gadget for you. Its electrode pads are strapped on to your back and connected to a device about the size of a television remote.

When contractions strike, you push a button that delivers small electrical pulses, said to stimulate the muscles and nerves, combating the back pain associated with labour. This helps you practice for the day you give birth, but before purchase always consult a doctor before use.

5. Digi Time Capsule

This gadget serves as a digital baby book, and a pretty decent-looking necklace to boot. Use this silver and diamond-covered heart-shaped USB pen/necklace to document your pregnancy and your child’s life (up to age five) online through journal entries, photos, and videos.

The Digi Time Capsule is a great way to guard against losing documented photos and memories. Additionally, it can be reused for future pregnancies.

6. 4moms Origami Stroller

So we know that strollers aren’t considered to be gadgets, but this one is an exception.

The 4moms Origami stroller is a power-folding stroller. All you do is to just push a button, and it unfolds by itself. It also has a child safety sensor and an LCD screen that tracks your speed and temperature. So moms don’t have to worry about their babies when they take their daily stroll.

7. Simplisse Double Electric Breast Pump

There are those days where you leave early, or you need to do something requiring you to leave home for a few hours. And, the only person who’s there is your nanny, and you need to breast feed your baby whenever he/she is hungry.

Well, the Simplisse Double Electric is here to solve your problems, and is more relaxing than the usual breast pumps. It has a compression technology that’s gentler than other pumps’ tugging and pulling, so you don’t have to stress about pumping milk for your little one.

The company also offers a number of other pumps if this doesn’t quite suit you.

8. Beaba Babycook Pro2X

In a hurry to prepare food for the baby? Or on the road, and need to prepare food, then no need to stress, because the Beaba Babycook is designed to help mothers out. The Babycook is a compact, counter-top appliance that steams, blends and reheats baby’s food all in the same container.

This new version has two bowls, so you can make twice the food in the same amount of time, so you know you are sorted for your next clinical visits.

9. MobiUS Portable Ultrasound System

MobiUS Portable Ultrasound

You might miss a few appointments for your ultrasound, or the curiosity will always strike you when your at home. The MobiUS Portable Ultrasound system is designed to keep you updated with your baby’s growth, and at the same time you get to see your own baby at home too.

10. Itzbeen Pocket Nanny Baby Care Timer

Pink-itzbeen pocket Nanny

There are those days where you lose track of time on the chores you need to do for your baby. The Itzbeen Pocket Nanny helps you keep track of that whether it nap time, feeding time, play time, or even diaper changing time. In lieu of a messy calendar, this gadget keeps track of all your baby scheduling needs.



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