Nvidia GTX 980 Ti coming in May, GTX 980 ‘Metal’ edition to follow

If you’re in the market for a graphics card upgrade, you can look forward to lush summer, thanks to Nvidia (and hopefully AMD fairly soon). The company is reportedly launching its GTX 980 Ti in May, and will line up as lieutenant behind the general GTX Titan X, this all according to a Chinese source.

With that said, the GTX 980 Ti will be looking at a release window between 16 and 26 May and like its big brother, it will be based on the GM200 graphics core platform.

This means, the GPU will sport 3072 stream processors, 192 texture units, and a 384-bit memory interface for 6GB of GDDR5. That’s half of what you get with the Titan X and should be ample for 4K gaming.

The GTX 980 Ti will also do well to bridge the blue whale-sized gap between Nvidia’s flagship card and the standard GTX 980, and will likely compete against AMD‘s new line of R3xx series cards, including the R390 also reportedly coming later this year.

While the GTX 980 Ti seems almost definite, there’s a mystery card in the works being referred to as the GTX 980 “Metal”. There’s no real specifications available for this card (or indeed, for the GTX 980 Ti) or what it boasts a different moniker, but one should expect that it will assume the role of second-in-command the Titan X once, or if, it’s ever released.

We’re definitely in for some exciting times in the graphics card sector this year.

Feature image: Lalneema via Flickr



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