These 50 apps let you track your life one bit at a time [infographic]

Technology is slowly creeping its way into every part of our lives, through smartphones and the internet of things alike. While the latter is still a little way off from becoming a fixture in every household, the humble smartphone has infiltrated pretty much every dwelling in every continent on earth.

With that said, there’s plenty of opportunities to use the smartphone as a life log — a device that’s more than a mash-up of plastic, glass and silicon.

In the infographic below, kindly provided by Vouchercloud, lists some 50 apps that can all play a part in tracking your life, whether valuable or just pretty cool.

As one should expect, there are a number of expense tracking apps on the list, with the likes of Mint, Expensify and Good Budget making the cut. Life-trackers like RescueTime, also boost productivity at work and at home and finally, probably one of the creepier apps on the list is mCouple, which allows the members in a relationship to track practically everything on one another’s devices. And if you really want to go down the creepy isle, Pooplog might be the app for you.

While many on the list are strange, this selection of apps is a detailed snapshot of just how deep smartphones are entrenched in our lives.

Vouchercloud -Apps_to_Track_Everything_FINAL

Infographic: Vouchercloud & Feature image: Jan Persiel via Flickr



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