LG G4 series welcomes G4 Stylus, G4c flagship variants

A few weeks ago, LG revealed its G4 flagship in the flesh after a number of rumours seemingly dented the hype of the day. Today the company has announced two new models based on the LG G4, which will cater for those wanting a bigger screen and those looking for a cheaper alternative.

It’s an interesting move considering that global rollouts of the LG G4 begins this week in many countries, so two new options might give users another reason to pause and rethink their buying decisions.

LG G4 Stylus: no Note competitor

Starting with the much larger of the two, the LG G4 Stylus is a phablet-sized smartphone aimed squarely at the Samsung Galaxy Note series. It also comes with the the Rubberdium Stylus (as its name would suggest), which allows “for easy note taking and drawing on the generously-sized screen,” notes LG.

And that screen tips the scales at 5.7-inches, about 0.2-inches bigger than the standard LG G4. It’s not much more room, but users should gain plenty from the addition of a stylus. With that said, 720p is much less dense than the 2K screen in the G4.

LG G4 Stylus

What’s a little curious are the internal specifications. There will be two flavours, but the line up really doesn’t make sense at all. We have an LTE variant with a quad-core 1.2GHz version with LTE, but the more beefy 1.4GHz octa-core gets 3G only. It’s incredibly strange, but clearly LG doesn’t want to cannibalism its flagship LG G4.

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There’s a paltry 1GB of RAM, and only 8GB of internal storage (remember, this is a phablet we’re talking about), so it really doesn’t do much for Samsung Galaxy Note converts. Storage can be buffered thanks to a microSD card slot.

At least there’s good news on the battery and camera front. Users will get a 300mAh reservoir, which should last more than a day with these specs. And as for the snappers, there’s a choice of 13MP or 8MP for the 4G and 3G variants respectively, and a 5MP selfie camera for both devices.

LG G4c: the cheaper, smaller option

LG G4 Stylus LG G4c

If the LG G4 is too big for you, there’s the LG G4c. At 5.0-inches, its the baby of the family but it also seems like the most bang-for-the-buck of the two devices launched.

It boasts a 1.2GHz quad-core chipset with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage, as per the Stylus’ recipe. There’s 2540mAh of battery to enjoy, and users get 4G natively.

LG has yet to disclose prices or availability details about these two handsets, but expect them to cost considerably less than their much more powerful bigger brother.



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