This duo flies across Dubai’s skyline using jetpacks, wingsuits [video]

Where do I start? How do I explain this? There’s no easy way so I am just going to come out and say it. Move over Dubai, you aren’t that cool anymore.

Earlier this week, the UAE’s skies were graced by former Swiss pilot and owner Yves Rossy and Vince Reffet in two jet pack-propelled flight suits.

The jetpack is a combination of super light carbon fiber wings that are about the size of a door, four Jetcat P200 engines providing 22kg of thrust propelling its wearers at well over 300km/h on a decent for up to 13 minutes.

I don’t know about you, but cruising past exes in this new ride is now a whole new ball game.

Captain Rossy of the SS-Out-Of-His-Mind seems to more comfortable with the birds. He explained his love for lunacy on his website:

“I truly believe that flying is a part of my DNA. Even as a pilot, flying military and civilian aircrafts, I always had a dream of flying free in the open skies, because that is where you can truly be free…”

This has not been the first of Rossy’s aerial adventures as he has been seen taking tours of the Grand Canyon, Mount Fuji and flying alongside a B17 Bomber as reported by The Verge back in 2013.

Being this cool also means getting backstage passes to certain things like fly zones and landing spaces, as reported by Forbes: “Jetman Dubai will also be provided with exclusive access to facilities at Skydive Dubai, including demarcated fly zones at Skydive Dubai, the Palm Dropzone and the Desert Dropzone.”

You think we’re kidding? Have a look at Rossy and Reffet tear up the Dubai skies below:



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